Men - Lunch Only (7 days a week)

Men - Lunch Only (7 days a week)

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Secure your spot for Challenge 24 Meals – Signup by Sunday (10/20/19) to Receive Week 3 Meals starting 10/28/19!

How do I order?

- Order on our Website, 

- You can order either the full breakfast, lunch and dinner plan, or you can select a plan with two of the three.  There are no snacks offered yet. Plans are for 7 full days of meals.

- The ordering cutoff is Sunday - 10pm PST (1am EST Monday Morning) to start receiving meals for the Following week.

- You will automatically be enrolled in a recurring Meal Subscription (automatic recurring billing will take place each Monday at 8:05am EST).  You can cancel at any time for the next week or for future weeks as long as you do so before the ordering cutoff 

What is in the meals?

- The meals are designed to follow the nutrition guidelines of the Challenge recipes, with some minor modifications on our end to make sure the food tastes amazing (e.g. we prioritize grilling our proteins to make them healthier).  

- We want to make it easy for you to be compliant, and so the meals you receive are made to follow the Challenge program

- We use 100% antibiotic and hormone free proteins.  The meals are gluten and soy free, and we also use healthy cooking oils like olive oil and avocado oil 100% of the time (no cheap seed oils).

- The macronutrient content of each meal follows the guidelines of the Challenge program.  This way you can ensure you are staying compliant!  Note there are different sizes for men vs women. 


Who makes the meals?

- All meals are made by Kettlebell Kitchen, a division of High Quality Nutrition Company LLC, and a leader in sports nutrition.  We are an approved Challenge supplier.


When is the food Delivered?

There are two deliveries per week to ensure you always receive fresh meals. Meals are delivered by FedEx, UPS, or courier, depending on your location.

  • The first delivery comes on Friday for those who receive their meals via FedEx or UPS, and on Sunday for those who receive their meals via courier. This delivery will include your Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday meals. Therefore, we recommend waiting until Monday to start consuming your meals.
  • The second delivery will come on Wednesday — for all delivery methods — and will include your Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday meals.

Your meals will come in either our special challenge-branded boxes, or our insulated challenge-branded courier bags. We use ice packs to ensure your meals stay cold, and we don’t freeze them, so you’ll always get a delicious meal!

How do I eat the meals?

- For the meals that say "Enjoy cold" on the label, you can simply open them up and enjoy them

- For meals that come with heating instructions on the label, you can reheat them in the microwave in the containers we provide (100% microwavable and recyclable).  Or you can heat them in a skillet or in the oven (using a separate container).

- For the smoothies, we recommend using a blender at home, or getting an inexpensive portable blender at

- Every meal is portioned to be the amount you need for that meal on that particular day.  This way you can ensure you stay Challenge ready!


Why order these meals?

- Who has time to cook, weigh and measure everything?  Let our team of expert chefs and nutritionists do the heavy lifting in the kitchen, so you can enjoy your Challenge and enjoy your life!